"Since I founded Orange back in 1968, I have always believed that no other copany could have cared more than us about innovation in guitar valve amplifier design and sound technology.

Our latest amplifier designs still reflect this approach, and achievements, we spent years studying, experimenting, and testing in order to improve on the best. However, it's snot just about transformers, valve anf circuit design. It's about how the osund is perceived - something that I have always thought of as 'the sound of the sound' .... it's about the physical pleasure that the sound of an amp a guitarist as he plays. That is what really matters.

The 'Orange Sound' didn't just happen, it has taken many years to perfect and fine tune. In the same way that guitarists - no matter how good they may be- can always learn new skills and improfe, we will also continue with our search for perfection."

- Cliff Cooper (Founder, CEO of Orange Amps) 

Check out the featured product from Orange!

Rocker 32


There are some great studio-quality effects for guitarists nowadays with two outputs for stereo operation, but normally you'll need a pair of amps to take advatange. The Rocker 32 features a stereo effects return with two separate valve output stages, so you can unlock full potential of your pedalboard with just a single self-contained stereo combo. 

If you like to keep things simple, the Rocker 32 can be connected just like any other mono amp, but the loop can also be patched in various ways to achieve stereo panning effects, a wet/dry setup or even to run separate effects chains to each speaker. (with the help of a ABY splitter)


If you've ever wondered what your guitars or your pedals actually sounded like, the Rocker Series amps are a joy to play. The 'Natural' channel features just one control for volume and is voiced for absolute transparency. Single coils ring out with true clarity and humbuckers sing with woody overtones. 

Cleaner settings produce clear, glistering tones whilst cranking the volume reveals a bluesy crunch that loves ti be kicked harder with boost and overdrive pedals. Quite literally, you get out what you put in. The 'Dirty' channel has a more traditional layout with Gain, Master Volume, and a three band EQ. It too can be set on teh cleaner side as a second rhythm sound, or dialled for various flavours of British grit for leads. (Optional FS-1 Footswitch sold separately)


The Rocker 32's clever dual output design and 2x10" speaker configuration means this amp sounds much bigger than its dimensions would suggest. One output stage features its own cathode follower which adds a subtle widening effect and an extra dimension to the sound, even when operation in mono. 

With a sensitivity of 101dB, our custom Voice of the World Gold Label 10 speakers make the most of every available Watt, and you'll soon notice the extra clout on stage. This high level of efficiency, plus a surprisingly gutsy boittom end means brilliant projection whilst retaining the crisp, bell-like chime of a great 10" speaker. 


At Orange, we expect our amps to work for a living. For the best possible tone and durability, the Rocker 32 uses the same proprietary transformers found in our iconic Terror Series. Like our latest flagshop valve amp heads, the Rocker combos do away with plastic connector blocks and ribbon cables in favour of hand-soldered flying leads. The chassis-mounted switchgear is secured to a welded steel enclosure and housed in a sturdy 18mm plywood cabinet. As for the amp's stereo effects loop, we've opted to keep the signal path all-valve to preserve the amp's tonal integrity.